Buy Dedicated SMTP Server For Mass Email-Marketing


The ground definition of the email server is “a mail server that delivers and handles emails from a client system to mail server and vice versa over a network”

How does a Mail Server Work?

The client system is used to view the email content. For instance palmtops, today can also be considered as the client system. The workflow of a dedicated email marketing server is something as follows:

  • Once a sent button is pressed the email goes to the SMTP server.
  • The SMTP is then responsible to communicate with the recipient’s email server.
  • Once the recipient server gets connected to the internet it gets the email.

Some different configurations and protocols are used by the mail server to communicate with each other. The operating systems can also be different based on the device used. The most common protocols that are used in this regard are SMTP, IMAP, and POP. Many other protocols are used to run a dedicated server for email marketing.

Why you should get a Mail Server?

Whether you are an individual or an enterprise there are several reasons for you to buy a mail server. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Email Marketing to send emails to massive lists without any restrictions.
  • The end-to-end encryption, privacy, safety, and security of the conversations over a dedicated email marketing server.
  • The personal domain resonates with the brand and increases its value. A personal domain also looks professional to communicate.
  • Portray the organization in a legit way and make sure that the business is classified as authentic by the user getting the email.

What is an SMTP Server?

SMTP stands for “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol” so by definition a server that uses this protocol to send and receive emails is known as an SMTP server. The use of SMTP can easily be compared with the delivery of physical mail to the mailbox. 

The client machine communicates with the SMTP server using an SMTP server address. The SMTP can easily be used with any email service as the configuration is simple. Common email clients such as Gmail and Outlook can easily be configured using the SMTP settings. The dedicated server for email marketing can also be configured using the same server settings.

The other protocol is the TCP protocol. TCP stands for “Transmission Control Protocol”. This protocol ensures that the email that is sent to the recipient’s address is correct. The SMTP server will present a complete report in case one or more email delivery fails. If you want to deploy an SMTP server then there are two options i.e. a free one or a dedicated SMTP server.

Free SMTP Server

Free means there are limitations such as memory and delivery time and lots of other issues. There are no costs involved and the most important thing is that if you are an enterprise user free SMTP is not recommended. For personal communication and sending emails in low volumes, free SMTP can be used but for dedicated email marketing servers, free SMTP is not recommended at all.

Pros of Deploying Free SMTP

  • A proper game plan and strategy is always behind an email marketing strategy and for the same reason, businesses make sure that it is done correctly. All this work goes in vain if the emails are landing in the spam folder. Free SMTP server makes sure that there are strategies in place so that the emails do not land in spam or junk folder.
  • The SMTP is a cloud-based sending environment that is easy to manage and secure, especially if used as a dedicated server for email marketing.
  • The marketing features integrated make sure that the best outcome is generated. It includes A/B testing and segmentation.
  • For businesses, it is a boon as it allows them to send a higher number of emails for marketing.
  • There is no port 25 involved which means that there are small to no email queues and hence no delays.

Pros of Deploying Dedicated SMTP

  • If the email list is large and full of leads and potential customers then it means more emails and hence a dedicated service.
  • For bulk email sending it is important to have a dedicated email server.
  • The organization is large and needs customized bandwidth, volume, and memory.
  • Encryption and end-to-end email security are something that is only provided by dedicated SMTP.

Why Deploy Dedicated SMTP for Businesses?

  • Bulk Emails – Unlike free services with the dedicated SMTP service, there is no limit to the email sending volume and issues like bandwidth limitations with dedicated service.
  • SMTP Relays – It simply means that the work that is done by the dedicated email server ensures that the marketing emails do not land in spam folders.
  • Fast Messages – As compared to free services the dedicated server for email marketing makes sure that the emails are delivered in a fast manner.
  • Login Authentication – The SMTP server is safe and secure as there are login credentials required for using the SMTP server.
  • Email Authentication – It includes domain key, SPF, and DKIM. The information that is passed is not only authenticated but the reliability is also validated by the authentication server.
  • Unsubscribe Option – A dedicated server for email marketing is always a GDPR-compliant service and therefore it ensures that the law is never broken. At the footer of the email, there is always an unsubscribe option to make sure that the user that wants to opt out can do so easily and without any issue.
  • Spam Reports – The dashboard will be provided by such servers will make sure that the spam reports are provided to the user. It will make sure that the business takes corrective action with ease and that the IP is not blacklisted ultimately avoiding reputation issues.


If you run a business with an integrated marketing strategy then you must get a dedicated server. The best service can only be deployed when you know the requirements of the business such as bandwidth and emails per day. It will allow you to deploy a robust dedicated server for email marketing. Before deployment, you must get to know that the server requires manual administration and maintenance. Thinking about these issues will make sure that you get an economical service that meets your business requirements.

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