Deliverability matters

Deliverability is one of the fundamental factors of email marketing. You cannot expect the readers to read the emails that are not delivered to them or the ones they are unable to view. At DooxMail we work to place your emails in inboxes in such a manner that increases your engagement and allows you to get the best ROI. We will make sure that you get to the right inbox and your email CTR and reading rate are increased. 

How to Detect Deliverability Issue?

  • There is a drop in engagement rates like opens and clicks.
  • The bounce rate for the email increases.
  • You are consistently blocked by the mailbox provider.

The deliverability is changing with every passing day which means that it is getting harder to reach your subscribers. The placement of emails and how you run the campaigns is all that the deliverability depends upon. It is such an important factor that upon it depends the success and failure of your marketing campaign. It also ensures that the ROI on your email marketing is gauged to be for or against your business. 

Five Causes of Deliverability Issues

  1. Negative Reputation

For any type of email marketing, reputation is the most important factor. If the reputation is positive it means the right placement of the emails and also indicates that the IP address is whitelisted as well. The sending domain is also considered in this regard and must be whitelisted as well. The sender reputation that the mailboxes providers take into consideration includes spamming, unknown user accounts, blacklists, and much more.

  1. Complaint Rates

It simply means that the right email is being sent to the right person at the right time. Above this, the person is also willing to receive the email. If this is not being followed then it is a door being opened for the complaints that will hamper your campaign. You must keep the subscriber complaint rate under control.

  1. Blacklisting

There are three kinds of listings in the email world i.e. whitelists, greylists, and blacklists. The blacklist is a list of IP addresses that are a known source of spam emails. The list is publically available and allows the mailbox providers to keep their users safe and secure. Before starting the campaign use our free tool to determine whether or not your IP is blacklisted.

  1. Compromising on Quality

You must keep a very high-quality subscriber list. It means that you need to make sure that the subscriber list is based on the people that are interested in your content. It will also allow them to whitelist your email address so that the emails are never delivered to the spam or junk folder. Keep a strict check on Spam traps, unknown users, and inactive users.

Spam Trap: The email addresses that do not belong to any user are spam emails. These are used to identify the users with poor data quality and spam.

Unknown User: It is an email that is abandoned by the end-user and is not used by anyone at all.

Inactive addresses: As the name suggests it is the email address that is not active or no action is taken for a significant amount of time.

  1. No Email Authentication

It is a process through which the sender’s identity is validated by the receiver. If the identity is shady the mailbox provider may put the email through filters to ensure that the right content is delivered to the inbox.