Disposable Email address

What is the disposable email address and how it can be detected?

 In the wake of advancement in science and technology, email remains one of the topmost mediums to reach potential customers. Just consider the following facts:

  • In 2019 there were 4 billion active email users all over the world.
  • The percentage of marketers that nurture the leads through email is 87
  • 73% millennial population prefer email correspondence over any other medium
  • 53% of the customers are of the view that email is the largest source of ROI for them

As a company of the modern era, you must be having an email marketing campaign for connecting with potential users and generating leads. It was as easy as collecting email addresses and sending messages but now the scenario has changed from this simplest process that was once followed.

Email communication is on the rise and so is spam. Consumers are receiving spam messages daily, making them think that which resource to share info with and which one to avoid. It all makes sense until you realize that it has led to the evolution of disposable email addresses or the disposable email address

Users now want to keep their inboxes tidy and this has put marketers in trouble as they come across customers that do not want to share any information with them. Continue reading what a disposable email address is? How does it affect your business? And how you can spot such an email address.

What is a Disposable Email Address?

Before we delve deep into the subject, we must know that which email is disposable. These are also known as burner email addresses or disposable email addresses. The three basic types are:

An alias is an alternate form of the main email address. Popular exchanges such as Yahoo and Gmail can be used to create these addresses. These aliases sort out the emails outside the main mailbox. Ideally, the delivery report of the alias is also generated, which means that they are not considered to be disposable emails by many systems. 

forwarding email address

A forwarding email address is also a form of disposable email and it forwards the email address to the primary mailbox of the user.

Non-forwarding email addresses are another form that expires after one-time use or after a certain amount of time. The bounce rate increase can be due to such types of emails and it is slanted most of the time.

Regardless of the form that disposable email address takes, the result is the same as it damages the reputation of the company and your company never gets to know the person the email is being sent to. Another problem is that such services are free to use and make the problem of spam even worse. IF you are a customer, then it is tempting to use disposable email address. Most disposable email address services also require your email address for signing up and come with increased options of encountering spam. 

Suppose the company your email address is listed with is hacked and you start receiving a myriad of unwanted emails. If you are using different addresses for your business and personal use then it is a huge chunk taken from your time. Disposable email address in this regard provides an easy and accessible way to combat spam and unwanted messages. 


Why disposable email address is not a good option for your business?

If disposable email address is good for a consumer, then at the same time it is too bad for a company that wants to maintain a healthy email database to remain in touch with the consumers. For SaaS companies, it is something that kills their email listings. Following are some of the ways due to which disposable email address is not a good practice for the business.

It signals that consumer trust is shaky

Data breaches and data mismanagement are common and this has led the users to distrust the companies. The information is not provided willingly and for the same reason, disposable email address is used. A surge in such addresses on your email list shows that the customer trust is shaky in your company.

Watch out for your free services

Free services are ripe for manipulation and these services are abused using disposable email address. For instance, your free trial or app download can easily be skewed using a disposable email address. It is one of the worst-case scenarios and can lead to process breaks and customer conversions becoming less. The decline in revenue and not getting enough for your efforts are some of the other issues associated with DEA.

Churn Rates are manipulated

People often get themselves off of your email listings. It is a process that cannot be avoided and therefore formulas are developed to calculate the churn rate. It is calculated by dividing the total number of customers churned by the total number of customers in a particular time. This equation will never get you the correct results if disposable email addressis taken into account for this churn.

Your Analytics are Crooked

Your Analytics are Crooked

If there are thousands of subscribers to your email addresses, then you must reach much of them so that the message is conveyed. If only a few reads your emails then there is room for improvement and more work is required, In the case of disposable email address you are not reaching anyone at all.

You can be branded as a spammer

Your IP reputation must be maintained in case you are running emails campaigns. This reputation is the factor that either lands your emails in the inbox or spam folder. You might be sending emails to a disposable email address that has been expired, and in this case your email bounce rate increases. This marks you as a spammer which means that potential customers are not reached at all. Your content will land in their spam rather than the inbox. 

Identify the disposable email address

Use Dooxmail verifier to determine disposable email address

locate disposable email address

How to identify disposable email address?

It seems like an easy task to perform but it is not. There are thousands of domains working in this regard and many are being added daily. Keeping track is impossible. Daily audits of the delivery reports must be done to ensure that the email list remains clean of such junk. This also becomes an issue even if you just have to go through every email. The time is to integrate an API that will auto-check such emails and will notify you about the further actions to be taken. 

How DooxMail Gets Rid of disposable email address?

DooxMail is one of the finest platforms that can be used to clean up the email lists of disposable email address. The email verification method makes sure that you get the results that you have always wanted, i.e. perfect and accurate. Below is the process:


It includes several factors that are worked on to provide you with a clean and hygienic listing. Deliverability, reduced bounce, stellar reputation, and increased accuracy are some of the features of this service. The dark side is that 30% of the emails go bad each year. If 10% of the emails are bad then 44% out of these are successful deliveries. This issue is completely curbed by DooxMail as you get a listing that is perfect and does not damage your reputation. The dashboard gets you the segmented results that will give you a complete overview of your email listings. A single address is checked 75 times from around the world to ensure deliverability.


This once again increases engagement, reduces bounce rates, and increases ROI. It also checks and validates the accuracy of the emails that are on the list. On the email enters the system, it is immediately verified, and the shady emails are not passed through. It means that the data you get from the lead or web pages is 100% accurate. There are several ways to integrate the DooxMail, and it includes Zapier, custom API, and JavaScript widget. The dashboard is also available for detailed reporting.



If you want to clean your email listing constantly then the process is cumbersome. The simple integration of DooxMail to your email address makes sure that the process runs on autopilot. It means that every email you send increases your IP and domain reputation. 

disposable email address is a headache for the marketers but with DooxMail it is easy to filter such addresses out easily and keep the elegance of the list maintained. You get to improve your brand image and increase ROI with minimum effort. Don’t want your email list to get contaminated? Use DooxMail to fix the issue down the lane and on top of both your competitors and data. 

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