Email Blasts

23/03/2022 in Uncategorized

Email Blasts

Email blasts, also known as email broadcasts or mass emails, are email strategy that involves sending a single email to a large group of customers or prospects at once. Unlike direct communication, or targeted emailing which has a personalized touch, an email blast has a little strategy and is basically meant to get information to as many people as possible.

Before regulations were in place and email best practices became widely adopted, many marketers used email blasts as a strategy. The idea was that the more inboxes they could reach, the faster they could meet their targets and goals. It has emerged as a less effective strategy as presently, greater importance is attached to engagement. There is more to gain from communicating with fewer more interested subscribers than a crowd that might prefer not to get emails from you.

There are regulations in place now that forbid marketers from sending email blasts to subscribers whom they have obtained genuinely or through purchase. Users who are turned off by these emails will consistently flag your emails. This will hurt your reputation as a sender and erode whatever trust your audience has placed in you.

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This is not to say that email blasts are wrong. If you are using segmented lists that are targeted for specific reasons, the strategy can be effective. To make your email blasts a success you should:

Personalize– So that your recipients are addressed by name. If an email feels generic or mass-marketed, it will have a lesser appeal and will not stir the receiver into any action. 

Know your subscribers– Know what they like, what their interests are, and their preferences. This information will help with segmenting and make your blasts land in the right inboxes. 

Test– Test and retest to see what emails resonate the most with readers. Make adjustments to your content material, email layout, colour palette, font styles, banner placements, and subject lines until you find a formula that works.