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Emails are useless unless they actually make it to the user’s inbox.

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Email Deliverability Solution

Email Deliverability

Every email campaign hinges on the ability to have your emails delivered to your subscribers. It is one of the measurable metrics in email marketing and can make-or-break your campaign. Email delivery is distinct from email deliverability. The former is when the email is received in the server while the latter is when it reaches the inbox successfully. For a campaign to work, you need good delivery and deliverability.

A good marketing platform should offer good deliverability as it is an indicator of a successful email marketing effort. It shows that a marketer has managed their subscribers well enough for their emails to reach their inboxes. With an increase in the amount of emails received and with email providers using tougher filtering technologies for security, a place in the inbox is earned. A good marketer therefore strives to provide relevant, competitive and engaging content, and at the right frequency to retain the interest of their audience. 


Deliverability service

We offer a competitive deliverability service with a dedicated account manager to help you shape every aspect of your marketing campaign through granting control at every step. Whether it’s marketing emails or transactional emails you get a solution that you can confidently rely on.

Our Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is world-class, with a market leading scale of 15M emails sent by the hour for every user. This output is owed to the intelligence of our API, which maintains reliability even during peak sending times. Coupled with an uptime of over 99.9%, rest assured your emails will always be timely. We maintain a high rate of scalability for clients who wish to increase their output. So if you are starting with 100 emails and grow to 100 thousand, our platform will grow right with you.

Our Infrastructure

Exclusive features

We’ve met market standards and now we strive to surpass them. To this end, we offer some exclusive features so you always stand ahead of the pack with our software. We offer an inbox preview feature so that you can see what your clients see and improve on your email results. There is also an activity log to track and store every individual change made to the templates or campaigns you have carried out with us. For businesses with big teams, we support individual accounts for each team member. As their manager, control what features they can access, what they can publish, and offer them advance permissions. 

Exclusive features

Our Guarantee

For the best deliverability, we have everything set in place. All protocols- Sender Policy Framework, Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance, and DomainKeys Identified Mail are all adhered to. Coupled with your great email content, and formatting the chances of your emails not reaching inboxes are immensely reduced. We have a high scoring ISP which helps you generate positive subscriber behavior.

Our Guarantee


As a measurable metric, deliverability success can be represented in numbers. We provide in-depth and technical reporting tools to help you stay ahead of all your marketing campaigns. We strive to make all our reports actionable so you can make the most of each marketing event. You get extra features such as routine deliverability reports and database cleanups for things such as inactive emails. 


Email Builder

Part of our promise is to be comprehensive, and our email builder is part of this promise. We have crafted a very intuitive interface to help you create attractive emails that appeal to your core audience. Use any of our templates to start, and use our drag-and-drop interface to customize the outlook of your emails to appeal to your subscribers. Choose a colour pallet, a font, a graphic or still image to personalize your email. Add your brand logo and content and entice your readers with compelling material for them to stay loyal. For any subscribers who want to jump ship, offer an easy unsubscribing option from your mailing list. 

Email Builder

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