Cold Outreach Marketing for Events and Global summits

Event management is big business, with the ROI increasingly growing with the number of attendees you have

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Enterprise email solution for Events

Event management is big business, with the ROI increasingly growing with the number of attendees you have. Managing all the guest or client information needs a wholesome solution that ensues the information is stored, managed, and utilized in the best way. Event management software is fine but insufficient if you need a dedicated marketing feature. 

We offer a comprehensive automated marketing outreach platform that can help you effortlessly collect and analyze guest information and generate a detailed portfolio based on these reports. This information can then be filtered and funneled to isolate distinct characteristics to generate special guest lists, make evaluations on ROI and send customized messages to targets and so on.

Email Marketing for event management

All in one solution

The Automated Marketing outreach platform is make-or-break in event management. It needs to be a hub of integrated promotional tools such as event-oriented email marketing, social media marketing and detailed reporting. The primary goal is guest experience, and anything that is in support needs to be integrated into the marketing software to leverage all attendee data. Email Marketing is essential because it accommodates the long sales cycle that events have and accommodates client requirements or adjustments along the way. With all these and more in mind, we have crafted the ideal marketing platform to help you become an event management expert.

Get Oriented

Whether you are starting off, or continuing your event management business, our event marketing software will guide you through all the steps of creating your account and understanding the resources we have on offer. Learn how to customize your accounts, as you learn and explore all the different features it has to offer for your present and subsequent campaigns. 

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Think the or organization same proposal to affected heard reclined in be it reassuring are attained opinion, by he neighbours even again. Is and by value and that like can could from world takes of great copy and delicacy compared In the same way that events segment guests, the marketing software will help you divide guests into different groups using tags. This segmenting will help you send targeted emails to the different parts of your audience, luring them with offers that they have high probabilities of accepting. 

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Before any emails are sent to any of your clients, understand what goes on behind the scenes. Our event marketing program will guide and advice on the best practices to ensure that you have a high response rate. This will help improve delivery rates for your emails and encourage more engagement from every segment.

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With the anxiety that follows event planning your clients will appreciate updates along the way. As part of the customer journey, the event marketing platform will help you interact with clients at a personal level, updating them on relevant progress, preparing them for the activities to look forward to, and generally act as a guiding hand from the moment they walk into the event till the adrenaline-filled moment they leave.

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From the back end of things, the event marketing software will help you manage other crucial logistics. It takes care of data entry and customer feedback and email follow-ups through workflow automation. It additionally helps you keep tabs on other essentials such as catering, insurance and so on. Automation helps you save up on valuable time and resource, giving you a higher ROI.

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The success of any event can be measured, and every good marketing software offers comprehensive reporting. We offer detailed reporting and analytics features to help you break down your event and measure its success. Each touch point can be represented in figures, and benefits such as leads gained, sponsorships secured can be visualized. By tracking everything in one central resource, you can accurately measure your ROI.

You can use the attendee data you capture and act on it for future events or use it to enhance the experience of your guests as you continue to communicate with them guests during and after the event.

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What makes DooxMail so special?

why 100 of global events and summits are choosing DooxMail over other providers ? what makes us so different? how are we able to provide them with quality services for more than 10 years now.

Lead Generation

Find new prospects, Delegates, Speakers, partners and visitors for your Events

IP Warm Up

warm up your IP for the best delivery rates possible. Better delivery rate = more inboxes = more sales

Inbox placement

We will provide you with all tools to get a pick on how your email campaigns are doing , how many of your emails are getting into spam , promotion or inbox folder

Bounce verification

To maximise your delivery effort we have integrated the best email validation tools

Global coverage

We have a footprint in 30 countries on 3 continents , we are able to deliver email solution where your events take place

Dedicated Cold Email Server

A solid dedicated solution for maximum privacy and reputation maintainence

Choose your SMTP

Send laser-focused messages via over 15 SMTP relays and MTAs, including top-tier vendors Amazon SES, Dyn, SparkPost, Mailgun, and SendGrid.

DooxMail Cold Email Dedicated servers - send via in-house Private Enterprise email server for an all-in-one solution to boost your deliverability.

Plug-and-play - easily connect SMTP relays to enjoy deliverability benefits and a feature-rich dashboard.

Multiple connections - use different SMTP relays across lists, segments, and ISPs.

MTA integration - integrate your on-premise MTA and gain access to an easy-to-use dashboard.

What to have a test drive ?


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Due to the nature of the Events industry business , we offer 3 options: 1) Dooxmail enterprise private email solution. 2) Plug-and-play - connection to your own SMTP relays that you can select from our vendors list 3)  integrate your on-premise MTA
Private or dedicated email solution means that you will not be sharing it with anyone else.
It is crucial when it comes to reputation. Since when you are sharing a solution with few or many others , Campaigns sent by other users can have an impact your server / ip reputation and as a result poor delivery rate for your personal campaign.

We are providing Enterprise dedicated email solutions that are able to delivery more than 5 million emails per hour

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All enterprise email solutions com with unlimited emails. There is only hardware limitation.
you can get the latest private email solutions pricing here
Additionally we charge:
20 euro for dedicated ip
150 euro for server migration migration

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    Dedicated Mail Server

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