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Top 10 Reasons for SMBs to Use Email Marketing Tools for Bulk Email Campaigns

Almost all small businesses that send bulk email marketing campaigns depend on the sales in every way that might happen when the email is sent to the right address. Old software like SendBlaster or Mail Merge Thunderbird plugin is still used by many businesses to send mass email messages. While these are easier to use and quite affordable, their use can cause different problems. Many of the small businesses fail to understand what issues these tools could cause to their entire business.

To learn why it is important for small businesses to use email marketing and automation tools for mass email campaigns, continue reading this post. We have highlighted the top 10 reasons for using such tools that everybody should know:

1. Provider Limitations

When dealing with marketing campaigns, a lot of things can go wrong and need certain email marketing tools for small businesses to get fixed. But when it comes to the sending part of the campaign, it is important to know the email sending limits. Providers cannot accept over x emails per hour from one IP that has a normal sending score. This limit is called the maximum message rate. On average, the limit of many leading providers like G Suite, Comcast, and Hotmail is almost ten messages per minute. But if you are not doing email list hygiene properly and the bounce rate is higher, then the maximum message rate will be much lower. Therefore, if you blast out an email campaign sans pause, you end up getting blocked.

2. Randomizing Content

With no proper tool like Mail Merge Thunderbird in place to randomize your content so that each email looks different from another, the chances that your emails will be dropping to the inbox get lower as soon as your sending volume gets higher.


3. Bounce Rate and Report Analysis

The analysis of reports is of utmost importance during an email marketing campaign to understand your progress. This includes checking if your bounce rate is high, how many emails reach an inbox, etc. Analytics is important for a successful email marketing campaign, particularly if your business depends on it.

4. List-unsubscribe Headers

Most of the businesses are not aware of this. In addition, many plugins like Mail Merge Outlook or on-premises bulk email providers hide this fact that if your email campaign with over 100 emails does not contain an unsubscribe header, which is needed nowadays for the recipient to successfully unsubscribe their customer at any time, then the IP reputation of your server that you use as a relay is negatively impacted. Here, it is not meant a simple subscribe link (a link to a list-unsubscribe header article).

5. Triggers and Autoresponders

Working with a relatively large subscriber volume could be a time-consuming process as responding to all of them in a small amount of time takes too much time. This is the time when triggers and autoresponders come into play in email marketing tools for small businesses. They are automatically triggered on reply or when an email is opened, or a link is clicked. You may lose a lead or sale with no autopilot if you fail to respond in good time.

 Ability to Unsubscribe and Edit Profile

6. Ability to Unsubscribe and Edit Profile 

European laws are continually making progress and moving towards data regulations. The recently-introduced GDPR law forces each business that comes in contact with the subscriber to enable self-removal from the list and modify that data in the profile. If you fail to comply, you could get fined for violating the law.

7. Reputation Monitoring

All simple email marketing tools for small businesses usually don’t have features to control the sending flow. They simply get the list and send the complete list that instant. But, in case of poor reputation, if the recipient server decided to block the sending IP. Your full campaign could end up in the spam folder without getting the attention of a single client. Plus, forcing the delivery without reputation monitoring could lead to a permanent ban or even worst.

8. Geographic Location

It is already known that the type and age of the domain have certain inbox advantages. However, not a lot of experts or software like SendBlaster tell you that sending an email campaign to a B2B sector from a local IP can offer an improved inbox rate. An instance would be blasting an email campaign from India to American customers.

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9. Email List Hygiene Geographic Location

Every year, each email list gets reduced by 25%. Performing the email list hygiene on a regular basis is needed using email marketing tools for small businesses. With inbuilt bounce verification, server tools offer an improved long-term delivery as a result.

10. FBL Monitoring

The Email Feedback Loop, or FBL, is a form of feedback that enables ISP to inform the sender about the spam complaints submitted by recipients. An FBL is a major aspect of IP reputation and delivery since it enables you to capture and work on any complaints sent. If a recipient presses a spam button, an Email Service Provider (ESP) first tries to send an abuse report automatically to the registered address of the sender. It adds the spam filter to the sender’s IP if it fails to locate one. Removing those who have filed complaints using tools like SendBlaster can also be helpful in keeping the sender’s spam complaint low. The lower a complaint rate is, the better their chances to successfully reach recipient’s inboxes in the time to come as ISPs will not be as likely to reject their messages.


It is really important to analyze possible hidden features and considerations while selecting eight email marketing tools forEmail Marketing small businesses. While the solution might be easy on the pocket and easy to use, it is capable of permanently damaging the company and domain. The server IP of the sender can always be changed, but some recipient servers like G Suite can put a stop to your domain for always. The leading email marketing and automation tools come with most of the before-mentioned features.