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what benefits you will get knowing what esp.

Find Email Provider

knowledge is power

Every prospect you are tying to reach is hosting their emails on a different Email Service provider

Avoid abuses

spam reports and blocks

If you locate the email service provider of your prospects, you can adjust the message rate of your campaign according to number of emails you are trying to send and avoid abuses and blocks

Increase deliverability

and inbox rate

Knowing the email service provider of your prospects, you can prepare your campaign by simply warming up your mail boxes and IPS to get a better delivery rate at targeted email service provider

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Find out what Email service provider your recipients are using

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Frequently Asked Questions

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ESP lookup is a simple service. You enter an email, and it will show you where is it hosted. Provide a valuable insight on how many emails you can send to that provider.
it's not a secret that all email provider have an incoming message rate limit. Message rate is the number of messages per minute or per hour that email provider accepts from new / unknown. There are certain factors that could affect the allowed incoming message rate. Such as the bounce rate and your IP reputation towards the email provider
Different ESP apply different policies but most of the time if you exceed the message rate first your IP will get temporary suspended or grey listed then it will be blocked, and the record will be forwarded to RBL list notifying other providers . There are certain providers that take limits seriously and could really damage your IP reputation as a result decrease the delivery rate of your campaign.
The Email Bounce Rate is a percentage of emails that cannot reach a recipient's mailbox and get redirected back to a sender. A generally accepted Email Bounce Rate is 2%, but you should base your benchmark on your industry's average and your company's statistics.
Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBL) are directories that contain lists of domain names, email servers or IP addresses that are known to help, host, produce or forward spam.
the best way to avoid the RBL list is to play fair and follow the rules. Don't forget to monitor the status of your IP
There are different ways to find out the reputation of your IP/domain towards the ESP , google for example offers a postmaster tool it allows you to monitor the spam rate and reputation of your domain. Outlook has a similar postmaster tool. You can use the inbox placement tools to check the status of your inbox rate
  • What is Blacklist- Meaning

    What does blacklisted mean? When an email service provider or a spam filter singles out an IP address on suspicion of phishing or spamming, it is called blacklisting.  There are different blacklisting organizations such as

  • What is a Blacklist?

    To put it into perspective the blacklist is a list of IP addresses that have been involved in shady activities. It includes sending spam emails, forwarding viruses and the list goes on. There are two

  • What is a DNSBL?

    What is a DNSBL?

    Domain Name System Blacklist What is a DNSBL? A Domain Name System Blacklist is an effort to stop email spamming. It is a “blacklist” of locations on the Internet reputed to send email spam. The

  • What is ESP?

    What is ESP?

    Definition An email service provider, or ESP for short, is a company offering email services. That is the barebones of it. For the longest time, ESPs were standalone services only concerned with sending emails.  Their