How to Add or Change a Signature in Outlook

Outlook offers a robust email solution that abounds with options and customization features. Among these is the ability to really personalize your signature. Here is a quick guide on how to add or edit your Outlook Signature.


New Signature

When creating a new one from scratch, start by going to the Home tab, and click on ‘New Email.’

New Email

This opens a new window, with the Message tab being the landing page. In the Include sub-tab, click on Signature.

Check Names

You will be directed to a floating window called Signatures and Stationery. In the email signature tab, below the select signature to edit group, click on ‘New’.

Create the name and confirm with ‘OK’.

You will land on a smaller window with a text box prompting you to ‘Type a name for this signature’. Create the name and confirm with ‘OK’.

Create the name and confirm with ‘OK’

You will be redirected back to Signatures and Stationery. It is in this window where you can personalize your signature. There is support for images, links, and text formatting. Despite this liberty, remember your email signature carries your brand, and much like a business card, it should have that professional aesthetic.

 Choose default signature

On the right side, in Choose default signature, define the email account that will be associated with the signature. If you have created more than one signature, define which one goes with your messages, and which one will be applied to your replies/forwards. Once you are satisfied with your choices, save by clicking OK.

create a new email

Remember that the changes only apply to new email. If you were in the middle of creating one, the signature will not be applied. For the changes to take effect, create a new email.

The process of editing your signature is closely related to this one. Review the steps, click on the signature to edit in Signatures and Stationery, then make edits as desired. Save your changes by clicking ‘OK’. This is how simple it is to create or edit a signature in outlook