How To Send Mass Email in Gmail

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How To Send Mass Email in Gmail

For the promotion of the products, mass email sending is something that is preferred by businesses. Such campaigns are designed to ensure that a specific result is achieved such as promoting a product or getting more views to a page, it can even be communicating important info to the subscribers.

Software known as email marketing service is used to ensure that mass emails are sent with ease and without getting penalized. One such awesome service is DooxMail. Business owners might be of the view that why can’t use Gmail to send mass emails. The answer to this question is yes. Technically Gmail can be used to send mass emails but the server is not designed in such a manner so it has its limitations. 

This article will teach us three important things and are

  • The easiest way to send mass emails using Gmail
  • Why Gmail is not a perfect tool to send the mass emails
  • The best alternative on the market.

Using Gmail to Send Mass Emails

The tools required for this are Gmail and Google Drive.

  1. Write your email using a new Google Doc.
  2. Open a Google Sheet i.e. Spreadsheet
  3. Hit Add-ons and then Get add-ons
  4. Search for Yet another Email merge and download it for free.
  5. Click Add-ons on the spreadsheet, select Add-ons > Yet Another Email Merge
  6. Choose whether you want to add the contacts manually or add these automatically.
  7. Fill out the sender’s name and select your email draft.
  8. Click send several emails according to the number that is left for a specific day.

Why is Gmail not Feasible for Mass Sending?

For individual emails, Gmail is the best option that could be used but it is the direct opposite when it comes to mass email sending. If you want to grow your business using email marketing Gmail is surely to save you a lot of money right in the beginning but it will cause you some issues that you will not be able to get over. Some issues that you will be facing are as follows:

Limitation on the number of emails 

Mass emailing in Gmail is limited to just 500 emails per day. This also means that the recipient is also limited to 500 within 24 hours. If your business has a large email list then getting to this number is a matter of minutes once a campaign runs. If the count is full then you will not be able to send emails and if there is some important information left it becomes an inconvenience.

Mass Emails

Stricter Rules and Deliverability issues

Google has made the rules too strict to make mass email sending difficult. If the messages are marked as spam, remain unread, or send to an invalid or disabled address Google will quickly limit the access to send the emails. If the sender address ends in then there is no way most of the time that your message will end up in the primary mailbox. Gmail is exclusively designed for personal use and if you send mass emails it will get flagged quickly. Last but not least using for business use does not look professional at all.

No Email Design

Adding colors, branding, or calls to action to Gmail text-based emails is not an easy task to perform. You always have to rely on the extensions or chrome add-ons which makes the process even more complex. In terms of design, email marketing is at the top of the top levels, and therefore if a plain text email is sent it will never suit your audience at all. For email design, there are dedicated tools that will grab the attention of your readers. 

What role does DooxMail play in Mass Email Sending?

For any reputed business Gmail mass email sending is not recommended as it will put the brand at risk and will also do not get you the desired result. Mass email service such as DooxMail is all that you need to achieve your goals. You can try out the free plan of DooxMail with 300 mails per day to unlimited subscribers.

Still reluctant to invest in such an awesome service? Below are the 5 reasons to invest in a professional bulk email service. This list will show you what DooxMail is capable of doing and why it is a good investment.

Better Email Deliverability

It just refers to the landing of the email in the inbox of the recipient and not in junk or spam. It should pass all such filters for greater CTR. DooxMail is designed for mass email sending and we always ensure that the deliverability is much better and has a higher rate as compared to using Gmail as a sending tool. 

It is one of the most important factors that are considered by mass email services. From misspelled letters to the wrong email addresses and anti-spam filters, there are numerous issues that mass email has to deal with. DooxMail ensures that you get the best results. DooxMail has a complete process in place to make sure that the emails are delivered and the IP address is never spammed. We also offer dedicated IP addresses for large volumes and protect them in such a way that they never get spammed for any reason.

Limitless Sending

With a 500 email sending and delivery limitation, Gmail is a tool that you would never want to use for mass email sending. At this time may be your contacts are not or are anywhere near 500 but if you want to grow your business expect to grow the email list as well. To overcome sending limitations you need a platform that is not hard on cash and meets your business requirements. With the plans that DooxMail offers you are sure to get the results that matter for your business. This platform also makes it easier for you to replicate successful campaigns across different niches to garner the same results. 

Analytics that Matter

When you run a mass email campaign you must know how many emails were delivered and what the open rate is. It is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. It ensures that you know the impact and the results of the campaign. There are n reporting features in Gmail as we all know but a mass email-sending service like DooxMail will ensure that you get every aspect of the performance gauged to solidify the results. These analytics will also ensure that you tweak the results as per the demand of the recipients to get the best and state-of-the-art outcome. 

GDPR Compliance

GDPR is an EU legislation that puts restrictions on how the data of an individual can be used and collected. It also impacts the small businesses and the email addresses that are collected. The mass email recipients must opt-in for the service. Another important aspect is to make sure that the unsubscribe option is also added to the footer. 

Now if Gmail is used as a bulk email-sending tool then you have to manually check for each email address and then left those out that have not opted. This will take a lot of time and effort and will also render your email marketing useless. Even if there is a small error you could be the one breaking the law which is not good for your business reputation. 

DooxMail is loaded with features that will ensure to get you the status of a law-abiding business. This includes the subscription forms to acquire consent and the unsubscribe links. If anyone unsubscribes and there are hard bounces such addresses are easily removed from the list completely. In this way, DooxMail saves a lot of time and effort on your part and you never have to get worried about being a GDPR-compliant business.

Emails that Engage

DooxMail provides responsive email templates and editors that will allow you to get the best and the most advanced results. Such emails will not only resonate with your brand but will also become your brand voice. There is no need for any graphic designer or hours of coding to get your email attractive and we will handle everything for you completely. Adding features such as images, adding buttons, and redirecting to the web pages will ensure that the emails are displayed correctly across a myriad of devices. It will make sure that your email marketing results are drastically improved. These are the features that you will never find in Gmail.

Use DooxMail for Better Results

Now you are well aware of the process of sending emails through Gmail it does not mean that you start with the process right away. DooxMail strongly discourages you to use Gmail for sending mass emails.