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Inbox placement

Once the email has been sent to this address, you will be getting an email deliverability report on the device screen. You will also be getting an email directly to the inbox. We will also ensure that your spam score is checked instantly. 

We use different delivery vendors to make sure that the delivery reports are generated. Note that the results can be different if you send an email from our server as compared to your ISP. The spam checker score is updated on a regular basis, and sometimes it is real-time.

Why Use Our Spam Score Checker?

We provide you with a detailed report in which folder your email was delivered. We also provide you with the insights to make sure that you get a detailed output of your effort. We are the experts in making sure that your emails land in the right folder and not spam.

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Get to know your email spam score

Our spam checker passes your email from different folders to make sure that a detailed analysis is presented. Once it is done, you get to know the exact issue and the rectification that is required to be implemented.

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Optimize your Content and test your deliverability

The risky content and red flags are all analyzed to make sure that you get a detailed idea about the content that is to be presented. In addition to this, we also make sure that your emails land in the right folder and are not thought to be spam by the common ESPs.

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Find the best email Provider

Run tests on all the service providers and choose the best that spams your emails less and gets them delivered to fulfill the purpose. It is also important for your email campaigns.

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Run Automated Email Spam Checks and Tests

Test your outreach emails in real-time and make sure that you get reports. These reports will also let you know if the emails start getting to the spam folder of any email service provider. Create multiple accounts using these spam-check tests and make sure that you get the reports on spam checking. 

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Track Email Deliverability Duration

This feature helps you to determine if there is an issue with the deliverability due to the ISP throttling. It can cause some serious issues if the promotions are time-sensitive or important emails are to be sent using this feature. With an email spam checker, you can create multiple email sending accounts using different SMTP settings and run automatic email spam tests via different accounts to test each SMTP server and determine email deliverability issues when they occur.

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Run Email authentication Spam Check

DooxMail spam score checker will show you whether or not your message is passing DKIM and SPF authentication and which issues must be corrected for better email deliverability.

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