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The goal of email marketing is to get your message to your subscriber’s inbox, and hope they keep thinking of it. Marketing teams focus on the marketing part while the technical part is left to the IT department. There is a lot to take care of behind the scenes, mostly the parts responsible for successful email delivery. They include servers, IP addresses, domain names and servers. Then there are others such as security adherence protocols that have to be maintained. All these fall under email Infostructure.

Strong and reliable email infrastructure is a critical part of a successful emailing marketing campaign. It is one of the ways to guarantee your emails are delivered on a timely basis, and there are no hindrances in the process. Our Infostructure is built with dependability in mind.


The Matrix

the true state of art virtual infrastructure


With our customers ranging from startups to large enterprises, we have auto-scalable Infostructure with the capacity to send over 15M emails per hour for every user. This figure does not change during peak demand thanks to optimized code and a cache strategy that ensures delivery requests are responded to immediately. Thanks to our forward thinking horizontal scaling strategy, our platform will always grow to meet your capacity.

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Live Stats

Think the or organization same proposal to affected heard reclined in be it Our Infostructure for email marketing features big-data components such as Cassandra and Spark that enable our system to generate statistics in real time. You can leverage this information to learn how your emails are performing and make adjustments where necessary. The statistics are detailed, and cover important metrics such as deliverability and open and click-through rates. The data is presented in an aggregated manner and you can configure the system to send email events as they happen

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A market leading availability of over 99.9% ensures millions of emails are processed without delay. This is critical for tasks such as trigger emails that require immediate response. With our architecture comprising of more than 700 machines hosted by Google, you are guaranteed of continuous email delivery to your millions or tens of millions of subscribers.

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We distribute our architecture across multiple centers for redundancy. Your data is both stored and processed in the EU, and we maintained compliance with all data regulations in the region.

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Email security is a priority in our Infostructure and we continuously stress our platform to identify any vulnerabilities. Both internal and external audits are conducted on a regular basis as well as bug-bounty programs that welcomes expert hackers to find weaknesses in our system. Our developers review our code whenever we update our system, or conduct unit tests. We appreciate the importance of security, and you can rest assured that it is maintained at every part of our system.

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Data Privacy

Data protection and privacy are part of our guarantee. We have GDPR compliance to ensure we meet the strictest standards of the industry. Measures are enforced to ensure client data cannot be accessed by anyone without authorization. This extends to our own internal systems by our teams. We set stringent requirements that need to be satisfied before any requests for client data by third-parties and governments are honored. 

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Our Enviroment

here only few highliths from the long list of advantages our infosturcutre brings

Our Own Ip network

we provide our own private IP network

23 countries

we are located in 23 datacenters in EU , 2 datacenters in north and south america and one in Asia

Brandable servers

Your we use only brandable servers

Top virtualization

all our infosturcture is build on vmware virtualsation

top Backup

Your infosturcture is bakced up by Veeam

only the best software verndors

Your web pages looks good on all devices and screen sizes, including desktop, tablet and mobile.