Email Warming Tool for Cold Emailing

04/05/2022 in IP Warmup

Email Warming Tool for Cold Emailing

Do you need an Email Warming Tool?

The answer is a resounding yes. 

And why is it so? Keep reading

The email service providers are aware of the fact that half of the traffic comprises spam emails. The filters are therefore developed to keep the users safe from this headache. Large names like Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail make use of these filters to keep spam out.

The emails warming tool registers you as a trustworthy user and it is all because such activities are generated on the domains. 

Even if the email account is being used for a long period the warming system lowers the risk of ending up in spam.

It is possible to warm up the email manually?

The simple answer once again is yes but it is a time-consuming process. The email sending and receiving should be done multiple times to get going with the cold email campaign afterward. 

You must get replies to the emails to generate engagement. The manual email warming requires time and effort. Because automated tools are available it is advised to save both time and effort. Though manual warming is advised it is not ideal in most situations as it consumes too much time. 

Free Autowarmer for all your campaigns

It is a powerful tool that is integrated into the cold email automation platform to get results. We do not want you to get the high-priced alternatives as this will hamper your profits. Get this awesome integration for free to charge up your campaigns. 

The tool was designed to ensure email deliverability but with the high demands of warming tools, we have decided that you should get it for free. No one should pay for great email deliverability.

Warm Up Your Email Address with Real Engagement

Once the auto warmer is integrated with the DooxMail it starts sending and receiving emails from real people that are also using the same program.

When such emails are sent they are auto-opened and replied to that creating engagement. In case the email is filtered out it will be marked as not spam and move to the primary email box. This will also reduce the chances of this not happening again. 

With time your reputation as being a legit sender will be boosted which will lead to awesome results. Especially once you start your email campaigns it will be a huge plus.

The emails are removed from the inbox once they are sent or received and your inbox remains clean and clear in the process.

Detailed Reporting

The detailed reporting will show how often your emails are landing in the main box and the frequency of email landing on tabs like social.

When your emails most of the time start landing in the main box then you are ready for your cold email campaign and leads start pouring in. Your emails will also land in the main boxes of most major email service providers such as free Gmail, G Suite, free Outlook, and Office 365. 

In case emails are landing in spam make sure that steps are taken to get the problem resolved soonest possible. This will also ensure that the emails of your cold campaign start landing in the main box to get you the domain authority that you have always wanted.

Warmup your email now

Use the Dooxmail warmup tool to warm up your email address

Warmup Your Email Address

The Cold Email Automation Platform that you need

DooxMail is your one-stop shop for cold email campaigns. Not just the email warming but the personalized templates, scheduling, email follow-ups all are integrated into one platform. As the volume of the emails increases, you can easily make use of the deliverability reports to check that the emails are landing in the main box. This increases the chances of your cold email campaigns being a success.

Who Can Use it: It can be used by agencies, sales teams, and anyone that rely on cold email campaigns to engage with potential leads.

Price: Free

Features of the Program

  • A free and powerful tool to engage your audience
  • Specific design for cold email campaigns
  • Engagement by real people and email addresses
  • Warm-up any number of inboxes free of charge
  • Detailed reporting to give you an idea about the email deliverability folders
When Should I Turn Off this Tool

When Should I Turn Off this Tool?

As some of the tools are paid the above-mentioned question becomes even more important. The answer is that even once the cold email campaign is started your warm email tool must continue running. As it generates a positive response it means that you are signaling the email service providers that you are a legit sender and not a spammer. This in turn increases the success chances of your campaign. Once the warmer is run it continues working in the background and makes sure that the deliverability report is compiled. It will increase the email outreach and will have a positive impact on your cold email outreach.

Factors that Impact the Email Warm-Up Strategy

  • Old is Gold, the older your email address the better

If a new email address is created and you have started using it the chances are that the service providers will not trust you. The purpose of the warm-up tool is to increase deliverability for you to the primary mailbox. If the email activity is grown over time it will have a positive impact on the service providers. If you pay 6 months advance subscription to your G-suite then it is less likely that Google will restrict you. This is another important aspect to work on. Specific targeting and personalization are all that are required to make your email address work perfectly. 

  • Having a Clean Email Listing

No matter for how long you have followed the strategy of email warming but once the emails are sent to invalid addresses or to people not interested in your product or services it all comes crashing down. Email verification tools must be used to make sure that you get the best results and the quality of email listing is also validated. It will also show the ESPs that you are targeting highly relevant people.

  • Personalization is the Key to Success

Personalization is the key to success and the more you personalize the more your deliverability chances increase. Some mandatory fields in all the emails should be first name, company name, and a first-line that shows that the email is directed to a specific person. Using DooxMail you are personalizing your response in just a few clicks to make your email stand out. 

This will get you more replies signaling to email service providers that the templates are personalized and highly targeted. It also gets them an idea that you are not a copycat and put the effort into writing your templates. Use attributes to make personalized emails. Once the recipient reads the email they get to know that you have put the effort in knowing about them and they will be more willing to read it and respond to what you have asked. 

The Bottom line

There are several email warm-up tools that you can use to make sure that your cold email campaigns run successfully. The DooxMail Auto Warmer is the best program that you can use to get the work done. Within 1 – 2 weeks you will see that there is a clear improvement in your email deliverability. It will also increase the reputation level of your address.

Once integrated you can leave it running in the background and continue doing so even if the campaigns are started to ensure that you get the best results and the emails land right in the mailboxes of your prospects. Keep into consideration that you also require auxiliary work such as email templates, and personalization to increase chances of emails being read. Make sure that the users are engaged and it is only possible if high-quality email listing is used.