10.1 Creating Surveys

To create surveys follow the steps provided below:

  1. On the left side menu click Surveys > Surveys

  2. Click on Create New

  3. Enter the information to be filled for the survey and click Save Changes

You have successfully created a survey. A message will be displayed “Your form has been successfully saved”.
The Survey field information page is also displayed where you can select each field.

  1. Click and enter the related field information for the survey form which you created.
    For example +Add multiselect field.
    The newly created survey is displayed in the Survey page.

  2. Click on settingsDooxMail_html_b5c6853fb77e5c2b.png icon and click view icon to see the survey
    In the List Subscribers page click settingsDooxMail_html_b5c6853fb77e5c2b.png icon to manage the survey information.