3.1.1 Creating a List (Email List)

Creating an Email List is the first step in of email marketing. 
To create an email list follow the steps provided below:

  1. . On the left side menu click DooxMail_html_debef63e4846d239.png > Lists


  2. . Click on the Create new button to create a list
    The Create New List page is displayed.


  3. . Fill in the details for email list and click on Save Changes and …
    Note: Each field when hovered or clicked gives a pop up describing what the field is for. Fields with asterisk * are required and others are optional.

  4. DooxMail_html_15b18c673be6dbd6.png

The created list will appear in the list window. Each list is created with a unique ID.
In the Lists page click on gear DooxMail_html_b5c6853fb77e5c2b.png icon to view and perform other operations like overview, Public Campaigns history, Copy etc.

The Overview section of list provides an overview of the list, last 7 days subscribers’ activity, and tracking of statistics averages. It provides a complete overview of the total number of Subscribers, Segments, Custom Fields, Page, Forms and Tools.