4.1.2 Creating an Autoresponder Campaign

An autoresponder campaign is similar to a regular campaign, but rather than sending a blast of emails to a list all at once, each email is trigged individually by a subscriber’s actions.

For example you want to send email 10 tips on a particular of a topic, each spaced one week apart. You can setup 10 autoresponder each including one of my tips and set the frequency at one week or you can set an autoresponder after each time a subscriber opens an email from another campaign.

In this example if you want to send out a campaign about a sale and a subscriber has opened that email, you can create a follow-up autoresponder to be sent a day or two later.

To create an autoresponder campaign follow the steps provided below:

  1. On the left side menu click Campaigns > Autoresponder

  2. Click on Create New

  3. To set the information for Detail step do the following

    1. Enter the Campaign Name for example as “Weekly Tip” and Type as Autoresponder

    2. Choose the Group, List and Segment

  4. To set the information for Setup step see the setup step for Regular Campaign

    1. In the Setup if A/B Test is enabled, is used to decide winner based on the A/B Test conditions(applicable only for Autoresponder campaigns)

  5. To add a Campaign Template, see 5.3 Email Template.

  6. In the Campaign Verification setup, verify the added information and do the following:

    1. To set the time after which the campaign will be active enter the value in Activate at

    2. To select the event timing that will trigger this autoresponder from three options: AFTER SUBSCRIBE, AFTER CAMPAIGN SENT, AFTER CAMPAIGN OPEN

    3. To set the waiting duration after the trigger before sending the autoresponder email, set the Autoresponder time value

      • Value of 0 means the autoresponder will go out immediately

    4. To set the Autoresponder time in unit value select from the dropdown of day, week etc.

    5. To send the autoresponder no earlier than a certain time of the day set the time in Send Only at/after this time.

    6. Select the imported subscriber or current subscribers if the email campaigns need to be sent.

    7. Send after sending this campaign is enabled if Autoresponder event value is AFTER CAMPAIGN SENT or AFTER CAMPAIGN OPEN.

  7. Click Save and Activate
    Now the autoresponder campaign is set and ready to be sent.