4.1.3 Sending Campaigns

To send the created Regular or Autoresponder Campaigns follow the steps provided below:

  1. On the left side menu click Campaigns > Regular/Autoresponders Campaigns

  2. [OPTIONAL] To send a Test campaign do the following;

    1. Create a Test Subscriber list under left side menu List/Lists
      Here you can create test email IDs with status as Confirmed.

    2. Create a copy of the Campaign that you created for example; Summer Sale Campaign.
      Modify the Campaign Name and list to Tester and keep other fields same, as it is only for testing purpose.

    3. Click Send Campaign
      After the Campaign is sent; it will be shown as Pending-sending in the Campaign page.
      It takes DooxMail a few minutes to send an entire campaign, if the number of subscribers in the list is more. After the entire campaign is sent it will show as Sent 100%.
      The recommended cron job for sending a campaign is per minute.

    4. To check the Spam Test go to www.mail-tester.com
      Type https://www.mail-tester.com/web-DooxMailrocks3 on the web URL, where www.mail-tester.com is the site and web-DooxMailrocks3 is the email ID.
      Here in this website you can view the overall score, message you sent, if your message is safe, if it has any broken links etc.


  1. Click the final campaign you need to send, do the following;

    1. Verify the campaign that you have already sent a Test Campaign

    2. Modify the campaign fields if required.

    3. Click Send Campaign to send the final Campaign.
      After you have sent the Campaign Stats will be displayed. It displays at a glance the number of subscribers opened, how many clicked, how many time email bounced and if anyone unsubscribed.
      For more details to understand the Stats see 4.1.6 Overview Campaign Stats Reports.