4.1.6 Overview Campaign Stats Reports

This area shows overview reports for sent campaigns, so you will have to create and send at least one campaign in order to view information here.

To get an overview of the campaign stats follow the steps provided below:

  1. On the left side menu click Campaigns > Stats

    On the left side menu click Campaigns > Regular/Autoresponders Campaigns

    1. Click Campaign Name

    2. Click Overview icon in the associated with the Campaign you sent
      The Campaign Overview page is displayed.



Campaign Overview
The Campaign Overview section displays the last opened, started, and finished time of the campaign. When you click on the number of Email Recipients you can see the email IDs of the subscribers who received the email, the processed status for example; SUCCESS, date and time at which the email was sent.
Each of the email ID can be viewed (how the sent email looks like), updated and deleted.


Email campaign came from, who it was sent to; including any tags was used. Click View on Web Version to view the email in a separate web page. The number of Forwards and Abuse Reports can be clicked to get a detailed view.

Tracking Stats

The Tracking Stats section shows the number of Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes, Campaigns and Bounces. You can click on the numbers for more details. Click Exports basic stats to export this data in a .CSV

The tracking stats information is expanded are show below where;

  • Click Rates: are presented for unique and total clicks.

  • Clicks to opens rates: the number of subscribers who opened the email clicked the link.

  • Click through rate: is percent of total clicks to total sends.

  • Opens rate: are presented for unique and total clicks.

  • Hard Bounces: are for those email IDs which does not exist.

  • Soft Bounces are for those email IDs where the subscriber is on vacation etc.

  • Internal Bounces mean sending error from DooxMail, such as an SMTP error.

  • Unsubscribe rate and Complaints rate are also available.