6.1 Delivery Server

Delivery servers are responsible for delivering the emails to the subscribers. Delivery servers are needed in order to send out emails from the application like; sending a confirmation email, an email campaign, or a test email etc.

DooxMail supports SMTP server, which has an inbuilt PHP’s mail function and sendmail. It also integrates with services like Sparkpost, MailGun, Amazon SES, SendGrid, ElasticEmail, NewsMan and many other services by ensuring that you have a wide range of delivery server types you can choose from.

If you are a beginner the easiest option is Smtp, which is your hosts default outgoing mail server. This means you are using shared hosting and this means all customers who use this hosting provider send their emails using the same Smtp server as you. This increases the chances of your email ending up as being treated spam.

Depending on the hosting packaging you have, you may be able to send unlimited emails but sometimes, you may have limits to how many emails you can send for a particular period of time. This other servers can take over once you have reached your quota. For example if your host server allows you to 100 emails per day and you want to send out 250 you can open an account with Mailgun Web Api for 100 and SendGrid for remaining 50 emails. DooxMail will automatically know which servers to use and when. These are generally paid services some of which have free starter plans.