The Dashboard page of DooxMail helps you to easily navigate and view counters like the number of email lists, campaigns, subscribers, list segments and delivery servers along with a detailed activity report.
Please note that clicking on each of the field gives a pop up describing what the field is for. Fields with asterisk * are required and others are optional.

Title Bar: The title bar of the DooxMail Dashboard page consists of the following;

  • Collapse & Expand Menu: Click on DooxMail_html_b04ad3db0bde6a6.png icon to collapse and expand the Menu bar on the left.

  • Search: Click on DooxMail_html_e60c16b189282d2d.png icon to search subscriber list, templates etc. in DooxMail.

  • Notifications: Click on DooxMail_html_ff5cedc955893d30.png to view any notifications.

  • Account Usage Summary: Click DooxMail_html_c23eae1c2a750dfc.png to see the account usage for Quota usage (count), Lists, Campaigns.

  • Profile: Click on profile DooxMail_html_79617cd028120aab.png which provides the account information and the button to logout of DooxMail.

    • Account Information: User can click on Account information to view and modify the user and company details. You can also view Subscriptions, Disable account or export the information.

    • Logout: To logout of DooxMail.

Dashboard Area: The DooxMail Dashboard area consists of the Dashboard section and Recent Activity section.

  • The Dashboard section lists the number of campaigns, lists, subscribers and templates.

  • The Recent activity section is where the list of on-going activities in DooxMail is displayed.