Use and create emails lists from the LinkedIn

Integrate the LinkedIn conversion data to the already available lists.

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LinkedIn Prospecting

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! Instead of creating a carbon copy.

Find all the contact information with perfection

Use the LinkedIn leads with accurate email and phone numbers
- The email match rate is 86%  and has 97% accuracy
- Access 500 million+ phone numbers that include direct dials and mobile numbers
- Use private emails for the perfect outreach to recruit talent

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Data point enrichment that spans 30 points

Use the highly targeted enrichment level in line with your requirements
- Includes social media profiling, education, career, and so on
- Company information that includes headcount, founding date, and much more
- Data sources from very large pools of offline and online resources

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Readymade sales navigator

Works perfectly with your LinkedIn account, just install the extension and you are on
- Use the search results and scan the page with one click
- Use the filters of LinkedIn with complete authority
- Export the 2500 results in a single go and once it is done Doox cloud will notify you automatically

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Refined data with no repetition

The AI used perfectly works with the lists that have been extracted so that you never have to manually clean the data
- Remove the prefixes and suffixes from the company names to make the data refined
- Remove and clean emojis from names
- No duplication of the contacts at all

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Speed up the prospecting.

Chrome Extension

Very simple to use and just takes 30 seconds to get started

Search Results

Scrape 2500 results in a single click

Saved Lists

If a LinkedIn list is saved you can easily use it

AI Cleaning

The data is completely clean and free of any sort of issues and errors

CSV Exporting

You can use the CSV exporting and integrate the data into any CRM data

CRM Sync

Use the power of the CRM to feed the prospects

100% Cloud-Based

Once a query is run close the doox. Once done you will receive a notification

Dedicated Resources

The scraping speed is awesome and a dedicated IP is used to get the results fast

Not Shared

Your LinkedIn account is used to get all the data

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

If you want to find anyone’s email address it is simple as DooxMail helps you to extract the lists with all the required data. You can integrate the lists with your CRM to make your marketing campaigns a success.
It is simple to find the email address using Doox. Just type the name in the LinkedIn sales navigator and click on the get email button and you will be displayed with all the information including the contact information
If you want your cold emails to get to the level you want i.e. more prospecting and ultimately the clients then Doox is the best tool. Easily find and export the email addresses without getting over the budget
The best part is that extracting email addresses is easy with Doox. The best part is the lists can directly be integrated with the CRM