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Newsletter Editor

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Newsletter editor

Keeping in touch with your subscribers, customers or prospects is important for promoting sales and traffic to your website. The newsletter is ideal tool to use to share information related to your brand. It is often created around a single interesting topic and written in simple understandable text. The formatting and structuring are important in engaging your audience. You can design the perfect one with our newsletter editor.


We have populated the editor with many templates, designed for use with almost every kind of business. A large photo gallery lets you choose the images you want to include. The newsletter editor includes a photo editor tool to allow you make custom images from the stock ones. There are many modules that let you create unique newsletters for special occasions such as anniversaries, milestones, and seasonal greetings.

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Drag and Drop Interface

Think the or organization same proposal to affected heard reclined in be it Conceive and create appealing newsletters with the intuitive drag and drop tool. With the templates readily available, you can drag and drop the different elements you want included. This gives you total control over the design and outlook of your newsletters, as you can easily include your business logo, and personal signature with ease. 

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Our newsletter offers maximum creative freedom. While we strive to ensure as many templates are available for use, we might lack something matching your tastes. In this case, quickly and effortlessly import from your computer and continue designing. Customize it by changing colors to reflect your brand and paste your favorite icons and images to give your content more depth. Any new images, icons and templates uploaded are saved to our servers for your future use.

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Graphic Effects

You can build banners with our newsletter editor as we have enabled graphic effects for texts. This works for some businesses where greater screen presence is required. There are many preset designs and styles to choose from, with the option of adding your own.

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Work interruptions are inevitable, and we have designed our newsletter editor to support it. It autosaves every work after every step you take. This prevents any data losses that can cost you precious time and progress. The editor also supports revisions. If you have made a mistake in the design process, you can retrace that step and make corrections without having to redo all the work.

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Our newsletter editor is supported across all devices. While designing your newsletter, we ensure that it is adapted based on the device it is viewed from. This cross-platform compatibility makes your work easier as no HMTL coding work will be required. It will be 100% responsive.

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E-commerce link

For promotional newsletters, our newsletter editor allows you to find and insert selected products from your store. It is an intuitive way to boost your seasonal sales and notify customers of new arrivals.

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Once the newsletter is ready, decide how you want to share it. You can generate a link that you can share in your social media pages. You can download it in PDF format for printing or use the traditional method of attaching it in email. All newsletters are automatically backed up when you are not ready to export them yet.

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