Planning To Buy Mail Service For Your Business

19/03/2022 in Dedicated Cold Email Sever

Planning To Buy Mail Service For Your Business

If you want to expand your business and take it to the next level using email marketing then the only way is to buy a dedicated SMTP server. This will allow you to get to more people so that your brand gets more eyebrows raised. It is important you get to know how SMTP works and what it means. SMTP means “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol” and it is a protocol that makes sure that the information between sender and receiver is relayed. 

The email by the sender is processed and passed onto the server that receives the email. Once the processing is done the email is passed to the receiver server and it ultimately lands in the inbox of the recipient. SMTP makes sure that as soon as the email lefts the sender’s mailbox it redirects the email to the recipient’s inbox and gets it delivered. There is a long list you can use to buy SMTP servers for email marketing and every service has its own pros and cons. The only deciding factor is choosing between free and paid dedicated SMTP servers. 

To make sure that your budget is never breached and the service is light on your pocket a free dedicated SMTP server should be used. It is for businesses that require a small number of emails to be sent and are a startup. It is completely free and it means that there are restrictions as well. From limited attachment size to the small number of emails that can be sent there are restrictions that every business should consider in this regard. Such service is used mostly by spammers and therefore it might also impact your business productivity and reputation. If you want to buy an email server it is a good decision as there are higher deliverability rates and less spam involved. It also offers a high number of emails involved completely. 

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Why Your Business Needs Dedicated SMTP or a Professional Server?

If your business depends upon email marketing or it makes a major chunk of your marketing strategy then you should opt to buy an email server. It means that your subscriber list is large and you are also continuously generating leads. A third-party dedicated email server will make sure that you get a derivability rate higher as compared to a free service. You also get a dashboard that shows you the bounce, open rates, and much more which will make sure that your email marketing becomes effective. 

Why dedicated SMTP server is a way to go?

There are many advantages of using SMTP server and therefore it is one of the best options that you will have. Some of the factors that will change the face of your email marketing are as follows:

  • The best part is that the spam rate is too low. Such servers work with reputed email providers and therefore the emails of such servers do not land in the spam folder at all.
  • You just need to tweak the client SMTP settings and the server is all up and ready to work.
  • Single-click bulk email sending which makes the process easy. 
  • Not all businesses use dedicated servers so the deliverability rates are high.
  • The spam contents are zero as you maintain and use your own server due to it being dedicated.
  • A dashboard that provides all the data about the emails received, spam marking, and effectiveness of the campaign.
  • There is a huge list if you want to buy SMTP server for email marketing hence lots of plans to meet the needs of your organization.

Factors to Consider While Buying SMTP Server

If you want to buy email server there is a long list of factors that you should consider before making a purchase. SMTP is a very important part of your email marketing and therefore some points that you must consider are as follows:

Communication Service: Make sure that the email server being purchased allows you to send all kinds of emails and communicate with major service providers.

End-to-End Security: It is also important that the once you buy SMTP server for email marketing it has built in terminologies to save you from spam and has added encryption service for safety and security.

Number of Accounts: It is important the service chosen allows you to get accounts for every service provider so that different setups are done for different configurations and messages.

One-to-One Messaging: Internal communication is too important and the server purchased must support it so that there is no leakage of confidential information that is shared within an organization.

Hardware Requirements: Before you buy SMTP server for email marketing make sure that you get all the information gathered on your existing hardware. It is because the existing hardware must always be compatible with the SMTP server for a smooth transition of the processes being run. 

Data Storage: The data archiving facility is something that should always be considered before you buy email server. There must be a quick data search option to make sure that you get to find all the important pieces of info you are looking for.

Remote Operation: It is better if the server can also be configured remotely as it will make sure that you get it up and running even when you are not at your workplace. 

Multiple Domains: If you want to run different domains for different sorts of communications then you need to consider this factor before you buy email server. A dedicated server must have this sort of functionality embedded.

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A dedicated email server should be your top priority and why it is so has been mentioned in the points above. Drafting an email marketing strategy is not a one-time thing as it requires resources and time. In some cases, it also consumes effortless testing. You must buy an email server to foster the process and ensure that your emails land right in the inbox and not in the spam folder at all. You must always make sure that the server being purchased matches your needs and demands. It is not only an important tool but more a powerful weapon in your arsenal if it is used correctly. Get started with a dedicated email server today and take your email marketing to the next level.