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Event Promotion with B2B Sales Engagement

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  • Client Markus Evans
  • Date June , 2015
  • Services b2b cold email , b2b lead generation , marketing automation

Case Study: Transforming Event Protion with B2B Sales Engagement

Introduction: In 2015, emerged as a game-changer in the B2B sales engagement landscape. Offering a powerful suite of services including B2B lead generation, cold email outreach, and marketing automation, DooxMail was poised to revolutionize how businesses approached sales. One of the largest European global summit and event promotion companies, Marcus Evans, recognized the need for innovation in their sales outreach. They approached DooxMail with a challenge: how to streamline their event promotion efforts and move away from costly cold calling practices.

The Challenge: Marcus Evans faced several significant challenges in their event promotion strategy:

  1. Costly Cold Calling: The traditional method of selling events through cold phone calls was expensive, particularly when making international calls.
  2. Lead Research: Identifying potential event participants and speakers was hindered by the prevalence of private phone numbers. Most publicly available phone numbers led to gatekeepers, making direct contact challenging.

The DooxMail Solution: DooxMail stepped up to address Marcus Evans’ challenges with a tailored B2B email engagement solution that included:

  1. Customized Cold Email Solution: DooxMail developed a bespoke B2B cold email solution capable of handling over 1 million emails per day. This system was designed to effectively manage email bounces and improve deliverability.
  2. Automation and Drip Campaigns: DooxMail automated follow-ups and set up drip campaigns, ensuring timely and personalized communication with potential event participants and speakers.

The Results: The partnership between Marcus Evans and DooxMail yielded impressive results:

  1. Cost Savings: By shifting from costly international cold calling to efficient cold email campaigns, Marcus Evans saved a significant sum, approximately 100,000 Euros annually.
  2. Revenue Growth: DooxMail’s solutions enabled Marcus Evans to reach a wider audience, leading to increased event registrations and ticket sales, ultimately generating millions in revenue.

The Impact of DooxMail: DooxMail’s transformative impact on Marcus Evans’ event promotion strategy extended far beyond immediate cost savings and revenue growth. Over time, DooxMail has continued to provide valuable services to the global event promotion industry:

  1. Enhanced Lead Generation: DooxMail’s lead generation tools have expanded, offering access to a vast database of potential event participants and speakers, helping event organizers identify the right targets efficiently.
  2. Global Reach: With the ability to handle substantial email volumes internationally, DooxMail ensures event promoters can reach audiences across the world.
  3. Marketing Automation: DooxMail’s marketing automation features have evolved to keep sales engagement on autopilot, freeing up resources for strategic planning and creativity.
  4. Improved Email Deliverability: DooxMail’s expertise in inbox placement, email warmup, and email validation tools ensures that event marketing emails reach their intended recipients.
  5. Comprehensive CRM Integration: DooxMail provides social media automation and robust CRM integration, delivering a seamless end-to-end customer engagement experience.

Conclusion: The Marcus Evans and DooxMail partnership illustrates the transformational power of B2B sales engagement platforms in the event promotion industry. By embracing DooxMail’s innovative solutions, Marcus Evans not only reduced costs but also experienced substantial revenue growth. DooxMail’s unwavering commitment to improving event marketing tools has established it as a pivotal force in the industry, empowering event companies to achieve unprecedented success while eliminating the challenges of costly cold calling and lead research.

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