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Case Study:, partnered with Vonlanthen Events to revolutionize event promotion in 2016. By offering tailored solutions for lead generation, cold email outreach, and marketing automation, DooxMail helped Vonlanthen Events save costs, reach a global audience, and generate millions in revenue

  • Client Vonlanthen Events
  • Date August, 2016
  • Services b2b Cold Email and b2b lead generation

Case Study: Transforming Event Promotion for Vonlanthen Events

Introduction: In 2016, emerged as a trailblazing B2B Sales Engagement platform, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including B2B lead generation, cold email outreach, and marketing automation. This case study illuminates how DooxMail partnered with Vonlanthen Events one of Europe’s premier global summit and conference production companies, to revolutionize their event promotion strategies. It explores the challenges Vonlanthen Events faced, the custom solutions provided by DooxMail, and the outstanding results achieved.

Vonlanthen Events: A Brief Overview: Vonlanthen Events is a leading European global summit and conference production company known for orchestrating high-impact B2B events across diverse industries. With a track record of excellence, Vonlanthen Events caters to professionals and industry experts by organizing insightful conferences, forums, and summits. Their services encompass:

  • Event Production: Vonlanthen Events excels in conceptualizing, planning, and executing industry-specific events that facilitate knowledge exchange and networking.
  • Global Reach: With a global presence, Vonlanthen Events connects professionals from various regions, fostering international collaboration and business growth.
  • Clientele: Vonlanthen Events serves a wide range of clients, including prominent industry players, thought leaders, and organizations seeking to enhance their visibility and influence within their respective sectors.

The Challenge: In 2016, Vonlanthen Events faced a significant challenge in their event promotion efforts:

  1. Costly Cold Calling: The traditional method of selling event tickets through cold phone calls, especially international calls, was not cost-effective. It strained their budget and resources.
  2. Lead Research: Identifying and reaching out to potential event participants and speakers was hindered by the prevalence of private phone numbers. Most publicly available phone numbers led to gatekeepers, making direct contact with decision-makers challenging.

DooxMail’s Tailored Solution: DooxMail responded to Vonlanthen Events’ challenges by offering a customized B2B email engagement solution, which included:

  1. Custom Cold Email Solution: DooxMail designed a bespoke B2B cold email solution capable of handling over 1 million emails per day. This solution efficiently managed email bounces, improving email deliverability.
  2. Automation and Drip Campaigns: DooxMail automated follow-ups and set up drip campaigns, ensuring timely and personalized communication with potential event participants and speakers.

The Results: The collaboration between Vonlanthen Events and DooxMail yielded remarkable results:

  1. Cost Savings: By transitioning from costly international cold calling to efficient cold email campaigns, Vonlanthen Events saved a substantial sum, approximately 30,000 Euros annually.
  2. Revenue Growth: DooxMail’s solutions empowered Vonlanthen Events to reach a broader audience, leading to increased event registrations and ticket sales, ultimately generating millions in revenue.

Conclusion: The partnership between Vonlanthen Events and DooxMail stands as a testament to the transformative potential of B2B Sales Engagement platforms in the event promotion industry. DooxMail’s innovative solutions not only reduced costs but also fueled substantial revenue growth. This partnership enabled Vonlanthen Events to thrive by efficiently promoting global summits and conferences, overcoming the challenges of costly cold calling and lead research, and enhancing their reputation as a premier event production company in Europe.

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