Setting up A Secure Private Email Isn’t As Hard As It Sounds

Set up Secure Private Email with Ease and Perfection

You so don’t belong to high society or are not a high-profile person. It means that you can never enjoy private email. If you think this way then I am so sorry to state that you are wrong. If you want to make sure that you break free from traditional email services then you can set up your email server with ease and perfection.

You must get to know how to set up your private email server and why you will be requiring it in the first place.

Intro to Private Email Server

The main function of the email server is to make sure that the data is stored that is in form of messages. After storage, the data is transferred to the client machine. These are the ones run by the company that provides you with the email address. For instance Gmail by Google and Outlook by Microsoft so on and so forth. 

The private email server on the contrary is not owned by any company at all. It is in your facility managed and set up on your computer to send and receive messages. The best related to this server is the fact that it is completely private and no one dares to access the messages.

If the renowned services are down you can easily make sure that there is no interruption in sending and receiving messages at all. There are no unwanted interruptions, advertising, and overall issues that are generally related to the email inboxes in question. 

Attached with the private email server is a set of own responsibilities and they must be taken into consideration. It is not something that is not logged in just by signing in as there is more work involved. There are however videos and tutorials to make sure that the processing of setting up private email is no difficult as some may think it is.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

The first thing is the privacy that is associated with the mechanism. The email server providers are probably going through your messages to serve you the ads and they might also be rifling through the messages.

Many issues are related to the email services as the company providing you the inbox is bound to share the data with law enforcement in case of such events. If the email address is provided by the employers then it is sure that your emails are being read and monitored. 

A private email server has not vulnerable at all and it means that there is no one to read your emails. On the other hand, you can perform complete email management and control. You are in control and choose what you want the software to display on the screen from the spam filter and how to segregate the messages.

For instance, if you do not want the graphical elements to be displayed in your emails then it is completely up to you. 

The downside

Is only the fact that the email should be taken too seriously in this regard. It means that you need to make sure that the incoming and outgoing messages are never delayed due to lack of space. To modify the protocols is a great idea but again you need to make sure that it is done with care. Using or finding software that does the job can be a cumbersome idea. 

Make sure that the programs being used protect your server from hacking as it is too important. This is by far the biggest drawback that your private email server is always vulnerable to hacking. It is the only reason that the companies do not set up a private email server. Large organizations such as Gmail and Outlook employ highly qualified teams to take care of the safety and security of the emails. If you set up the private email server then all you have as a team is you. Going to the Gmail and Microsoft standard is something that your budget does not allow for sure. 

The private email server is uncommon and as it is not reliable at all. It takes time, effort and budget to set up and there is no guarantee that it will remain safe and secure in the long run. If you have decided to set up your email server then the next part of this article will guide you on how to set it up.

Setting up your Brand New Server

Make sure that you have all the shopping lists made for all the hardware. The cost will be low triple figures and after that, the monthly cost will be low double figures. It is a rough estimate only and depends on the size of your server. A computer to act as a server and hard drive is all that you need. 

Then comes the domain name which you need to purchase and once it has been done you can create unlimited email addresses using it. You also require a high-speed internet connection which as your server will always be connected to it. If the existing internet connection is not enough then it is recommended that you upgrade it to get the work done with perfection. 

Next on the list is an operating system and the set of tools required. The OS could be Windows or Linux with software like Postfix for email routing. Spam filters like Spam assassin and last but not the least antivirus program. These tools always depend on the OS that has been selected. 

Setting up the hardware is also required and once again it depends on the OS that has been used. The combinations are endless and this article is too short to cover all of these. 

Setup your Private Email Server

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Setup a Private Email Server

Make it Easy

This route is simple i.e. you need to hire an IT professional, To make sure that the work is done with ease. After the initial setup, all you need is to take charge of the apps that are being used, so they become up to the mark. This also will preserve your privacy and will save you time all along.

If the hardware setup is vulnerable then you are required to buy cloud hosting to get the work done. Now there is no requirement of figuring anything out on your behalf as there are tutorials for this as well. The email management and the local storage are both managed by the service provider. The privacy in this regard is compromised as instead of relying on Gmail you are now in the hands of the cloud-based company.

Helm is another option that you should try as it manages all the hassle for you and it also does not compromise your privacy. It just requires a few clicks and you are done. The physical server is at your home safe and secure. The program is however not cheap as the starting cost is $500. Then to cover the program cost you need to pay $100 per year. If you want to reap the advantages of a private email server without compromising on quality then Helm is for you. If you don’t mind the cost as it also manages the encryption and lets you access emails from any device.

Why Companies Must Consider a Private Email Server

Why Companies Must Consider a Private Email Server

There are many reasons why the private email server is recommended. It is one of the best ways to make sure that you get an email server, that is secure and safe. Below are some of the advantages that are associated with the private email server:

Myriad of Options

There are many options to set up your private email server. It includes a physical server, datacenter, or cloud. The same goes for the OS options that are associated and the overall management of the server. Aваs you have all the options to run a successful server that manages your email address.

Resonates with the Brands

As you get the domains of your choice so they resonate with your brand. It is because most companies make sure that the main brand name is chosen as the domain. It encourages the users to make the purchase and many other businesses also encourage them in doing business. The domain name creates a sense of belief in the business.

More Emails Per Hour

In case you are running an email marketing campaign, there is no restriction on sending emails per hour. The traditional email service providers do have their limits. But it is not restricted when it comes to a private email server. This will not only scale your business, but will also allow you to get the best out of the email marketing for your brand.

Email Feedback

You must know the email feedback that is being sent. The private email server provides this feedback instantly. You get to know how many emails are opened , and what needs to be tweaked to get your email marketing to the next level. There are other feedbacks such as delay and not sent, and it will ensure that you get the results that are desired with a minimum email bounce rate.

No terms and Conditions

Traditional email marketers come with terms and conditions. But it is not the case when it comes to the private email server. There are no restrictions involved, such as emails being marked as spam. There are no deliverability issues even if the message is marked as spam. You are the boss and in control to ensure a high standard of email marketing.

Bulk Sending

This is feature is not available in many traditional email providers, such as Gmail. Such services instantly ban your account if bulk emails are sent. Even if you spend months to avail of packages, it will only increase your cost. It is not the case when it comes to private email servers, as you can market the products at a very low cost.