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Find out how to exceed your dreams without breaking the bank.Publish a post when your target audience sees it. Get into the minds of your target audience with revealing analytics. Enjoy impeccable collaborations.

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Scheduling and Posting

Keep your audience engaged on all social media platforms through timed and effective schedules. Works seamlessly with all social media platforms, including Facebook Groups, Pinterest Boards, Linkedin, and Google business pages.

Personalize your posts

Design and schedule personalized posts with videos, images, tags, gifs and lots more for several social media accounts. Schedule up to five hundred posts at once.

Work with the bigger picture

With a social media calendar, you can better understand your social media strategy and how you execute it. Scrutinise the little details or the entire process 

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Analytics and Reports

Stay ahead of your competition, get into the minds of your target audience, and make the most informed decisions for your social media strategy. Focus on what works and dump what doesn't. Get easy-to-understand analytical reports, and share them easily with your client via email- they even come with your branding. 

Analytics for everyone

You don't have to be an expert to understand your data. Our reports make it easy to know where you are doing well and where to make adjustments. It's perfect for beginners looking to utilise the power of analytics.

Create and share branded reports 

Generate your social media reports with your branding. You can share these reports easily as pdfs with your clients via email. 

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Utilise our easy-to-use Social Inbox to keep the conversation going. Use audience interaction effectively and monitor ongoing discussions on Facebook and Instagram.

Consolidate all activities under one roof

Our Social Inbox combines all your discussions for simple administration, whether they are comments, messages, Instagram story answers, or posts made by your fans on your Facebook Page.

Communicate effectively and improve response time

Respond in real-time to conversations on your Facebook Pages and Instagram Accounts. Concentrate on important conversations, then check off completed questions.

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Enjoy stress-free coordination with team members and seamless collaborations with clients. With Dooxmail, team management is easy and  

Increase your team's productivity.

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Define roles and responsibilities clearly.

By assigning your team members unique roles and access restrictions, you may prevent repetition of effort and labor. Reduce the time and effort needed to manage all of your social media accounts.

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Why should you choose Dooxmail?

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Because it is perfect for small businesses and professionals 

Be sure of what works using analytics.

Post regularly through Web, browser and mobile extensions.

Content suggestions to make sure you never run out of content ideas.

Priority email support whenever you need it.


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Because it provides the right tools for marketing agencies and teams 

In-built workflow to improve collaborations with team members.

You don't need client clients' media profiles to manage their profiles

Branded PDF reports for presentations or sharing.

Priority email and phone support anytime you need them.


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Because your company will function better with Dooxmail

Personal specific needs,

Customized profiles and posts to meet the needs of your different clients.

Priority email and phone support from a dedicated account manager.


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