Email marketing is a cost-effective and efficient way of communication that most businesses are embracing today. However, email bounce rates can be one of the most frustrating issues facing email marketers. High bounce rates can cause a decline in sender score, low email reputation, and even lead to the email address being blacklisted. The good news is that you can use a free email validator to stay ahead of email bounce rates.

##Understanding Email Bounce Rates

A bounce happens when the email that you’re trying to send is rejected by the intended recipient’s email server. There are two types of bounces: hard bounce and soft bounce.

###Hard Bounce

A hard bounce occurs if your email is sent to an address that doesn’t exist, or if the email server is unable to deliver the message. This could happen if the email server has been shut down, the email address has been deactivated, or if the email address was typed incorrectly, among other reasons.

###Soft Bounce

A soft bounce, on the other hand, happens when the email server accepts the email, but it can’t deliver it to the recipient’s mailbox. This could be because the mailbox is full, the message is too large, or the email server is temporarily unavailable.

##The Risks of High Email Bounce Rates

High email bounce rates can negatively impact your email reputation and your sender score. This can cause your emails to be categorized as spam by email service providers, significantly reducing your chances of getting into the recipient’s inbox. If you continue to send emails to invalid addresses or accounts with high bounce rates, you run the risk of getting blacklisted, meaning that your emails will not be delivered to any recipients on that email server.

##How Email Validator Works

The email validator tool is designed to help verify email addresses and eliminate invalid or incorrect email addresses from your mailing list. The tool is easy to use – simply enter your mailing list and click the “check” button. The email validator will scan your list and highlight the invalid or incorrect email addresses for you.

The email validator works by verifying the domain name, syntax, and mailbox existence of each email address on your list. The tool checks the domain name, ensuring that the domain exists and is active, and checks the syntax (the structure of the email address), ensuring that it complies with standard internet conventions. Finally, the tool checks the mailbox existence, ensuring that the email address is correct and that the mailbox belongs to someone who can receive emails.

##The Benefits of Using an Email Validator

Using an email validator can help you stay ahead of email bounce rates and keep your email reputation healthy. It can also save you money and time by removing invalid addresses from your mailing list, reducing the number of emails that bounce and improving your email deliverability rates.


With the increase in email marketing, the need to ensure your emails reach the intended recipients has become more important than ever. One of the best ways to ensure high deliverability rates is by validating your mailing list using an email validator tool. By staying ahead of email bounce rates, you’ll be able to maintain a high email reputation, ensuring that your emails get delivered and get noticed by your intended recipients.