What is Email Validation

Why is Email Validation a Helping Hand?

Valid email addresses are one of the top requirements for any business if they want to run an email marketing campaign. It is vital to find out the emails you are working on are real and the people exist. There are of course errors that your visitors make and that could be a typo or any other sort of errors that could be made if the website is visited. There could be several reasons, including fat fingers on mobile or copying and pasting the wrong email address. The names are not spelled correctly or extra letters or numerals are added to the address. Despite these issues, how can a business get an error-free email list? The answer and the simplest of them is email validation.

It is a process that lets you know if an email address exists and it is valid. Process runs itself to find out the typos and the errors in your email listing. It also ensures that you get emails that are quality and where deliveries are possible. From spelling mistakes to typos everything is not only caught but also reported to the user running the software program. It also ensures that you get to know if a particular address exists on a particular domain or not. 

Working of Email Validation

The addresses in form of a list are uploaded to the software and it then determines that the email is risky, invalid, or valid. 

Valid: This means that the email address is completely valid and that there is no error associated. This is done on the mailbox level.

RiskyUsually a means a “Catch-all” This is an address where the recipient exists, but there are other risk factors associated that can result in a bounce.

Invalid: As the name suggests, it is an address that does not exist and it is recommended to completely remove it from the list. 

Is Email Validation Helpful? 

Validating the email addresses makes sure that your marketing campaigns are a success. To make sure that you get the best outcome below are some of the factors:

  • It removes all the invalid addresses from the list and the deliverability increases up to 98%.
  • The sender score is maintained to its highest and the deliverability also improves. 
  • As the invalid users are removed so your time, effort and money are saved, and ROI increases.
  • The emails are delivered right to the inbox which means increased deliverability rate, more clicks, and higher engagement. 

Verify your email

Try free email verifier to validate email

try free email verifier

Ways to Validate Emails

  1. The manual entry errors can easily be controlled by adding an auto-complete feature, which means that as soon as the email typing starts it is completed automatically, reducing the chances of manual errors.
  2. The DooxMail tool can be used to get real-time feedback that whether or not an email address is valid and can be used.
  3. Double opt-in is the best way to verify the correct email addresses. If a customer has signed up for the newsletter, make sure that they have to verify their email address as well. It will once again greatly reduce the chances of errors.

How DooxMail help in validating email addresses?

DooxMail is a good sender community, which means that we want to keep the spam rates low. It also means that the high deliverability rates are maintained. All the invalid email addresses are automatically dropped so that your domain reputation is maintained. The regular expressions we use in this regard are as follows:


The validation of emails is one of the most important steps to make your email marketing successful. If you maintain a clean list the spam rates are low and your sending reputation is also maintained. Make sure that the email sending reputation is maintained and validation is done before the emails are sent. 

How to validate email address with dooxmail?

To validate email you can try free dooxmail free email verifier or if you want to validate multiple emails. You can simply register for a free account and upload email list

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