What To Do If I am Blacklisted

I’m Blacklisted, now what?

If your IP address gets blacklisted, it is a catastrophe for your email services and therefore hampers the way the emails are delivered. There are thousands of blacklists publically available to check. The Spamhaus SBL can make sure that your program is brought to a halt no matter what. Most of the mail service providers use blacklists to ensure how to filter and deliver messages to minimize the issues with their users. Some have also developed in-house metrics to make sure that the best results are attained. If the listing service asks for money or tells you that there is no such service for delisting the address, then it is better that you never try to whitelist your IP. If a legit service has blacklisted your email address, then you must submit a request right away. Depending upon the account nature, there are two ways to whitelist a domain:

Dedicated IP

If the DooxMail IP is delisted, then you must make the request soonest possible. It is a dedicated IP that is assigned to one user at all times so all the traffic that passes is their responsibility. In case there is some issue with the delisting form i.e. it is too complex or the delisting requires the IP administration to step in DooxMail is happy to help. 

Check if IP is blacklisted

Use RBL checker to monitor your ip automatically

RBL check

Please note that if a sending domain (and not the IP address) is blacklisted, that domain’s controller will be responsible for handling the delisting request.

IP Address Check

Below are the websites that can be used to check the IP address in case it has been blacklisted. 

Delisting Request Forms

Below are links to the delisting forms used by the more popular external blacklisting services: