With the holidays coming up, the resellers need to add email marketing to their list of the existing suite of tools that they use for the clients. For most clients, it is a dream to stay a step ahead of their competitors. If you could do it by using the right set of techniques, then you not only win their trust but also a long-term partnership. 

Email marketing and its combination with the right set of tools make sure that you get maximum productivity for your clients. Getting into this industry is not easy as you need an advanced set of tools for automation that work with perfection. In the case of white labels, the process becomes straightforward. Moving forward you will get to know why white-label email marketing is the best strategy for your business.

What is White Label Email Marketing?

In short white-label email marketing is software that is developed by a white-label company and rebranded and resold by reseller companies. As the platform is customized by the resellers the company must have a team of writers that can rebrand the software by writing their own set of content under the reseller brand. Managing email marketing campaigns is too easy with this program as all ins and outs are pretty easy to understand.

Why Email Marketing should be pitched to the Clients?

Email marketing is one of the best and the most used channels for marketing that to this date remains on top. From newsletters to promotions there is no single business branch that does not rely on this platform. Below are some facts that would make you go crazy to add email marketing to your list of tools ASAP:

  • A total of 65% of the marketing companies pitch email marketing to their clients.
  • 56% of companies are using email marketing service providers.
  • Within nest one year 75%+ of small businesses are most likely to purchase email software.
  • Email marketing is the best source of ROI as per the 59% of marketers in the industry.

It clearly shows that the companies are eager to invest big bucks in email marketing. Do you want the cash to be funneled to your business? Why wouldn’t you want that?

Reselling White Label Email Marketing Solutions

White label is a very serious consideration as writing emails for any company is a huge undertaking. This option allows you to channelize and simplify the process. There are different components of email marketing which also include outsourcing. There are different tools and options to work on as well. 

White-label Email Marketing Software

It is the best and the most powerful email marketing component that will give the option of both DIY or DIWM to the clients. Leveraging the power of this software will ensure that you get the best results when it comes to sales and price points. 

Factors to Consider in white label email software

Do not go for programs that do not include the features which are mentioned below. It will not only hamper our sales but would also result in ineffective marketing campaigns for your clients ultimately bringing a bad name to your brand:

Viable reporting: Both you and your clients must get to gather crucial information such as open rate, CTR, sales, and trends over time.

Tailored as per needs:  In other words, it is the customization that you are looking for. A platform is never 100% white label if it is not fully customizable. It also includes the email templates that are ready-made for the clients. The software should also be fully compliant with the email spam laws. 

Fully Managed White Email Services

This is the best part of the managed email services that create the best campaigns and generate ROI for you and our client. Email marketing is a strategy that keeps your client’s business on track. And is also a great choice to upsell to your customer. No matter what the campaign is your client will get 100% results. Even if email writing is not your piece of cake you can get a white-label team to ensure that you get the best and the most advanced results overall. You can tweak and resell the campaigns which means that no writing from the scratch is required. It is a great addition to the foundational email marketing tools just as it increases revenue.

White Label Campaigns that garner results

Newsletters: To ensure that the customers remain up to date on what the business is doing.

Drip Campaigns: It can also be called a lead generation campaign

Sakes Campaigns: To increase revenue and let the customer know of the deals that are coming their way.

Welcome Campaigns: Ensure that the new customers are onboarded on a very pleasant note.

Triggered Emails: Sending emails to the clients as per their interests so always staying a step ahead.

The list isn’t complete at all and this is because the options are limitless when it comes to such email marketing software. There are specialized teams and software programs to work on as well. It will ensure that you get the results that you require on behalf of your client. For DIFM (do-it-for-me) a white-label platform is not necessarily required as the white-label team will fulfill it using their software. 

Which White Label Emails are best to use

Which White Label Emails are best to use?

Brand Voice Resonance:  The brand voice should be heard and this also ensures that you get the client’s interest as the focal point. Marketing is all about consistency and the same applies to email marketing as well.

Quality and Meeting Deadlines: It is only possible when the software being used is multipurpose. It means that it should have a combination of all the campaigns to engage the customers and promote the brand accurately. It also covers the topics such as complying with spam laws and the brand voice. 

What do we offer?

Vendesta provides the best white label-managed email services to ensure that you give complete campaign control to their client. Create a campaign and let us know the expectations and we will get right to work on it. Without any heavy weightlifting, your client will get to know the power of email marketing. 

Boost your productivity with White-Label Email Marketing

Try Dooxmail White Label Email Marketing to enhance your productivity

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Take your email campaigns to the next level

The apps and services that you should always integrate with the white label email marketing are mentioned in this section just to make it clear and to get you on the right path:

Dedicated Server: First of all gives your client a branded address that acts as a brand voice. It also acts as a sending point for the emails that the customers receive. It also provides tools to ensure that you maximize productivity as a whole. 

White Label Graphic Design: It will beef up the overall marketing strategy for your clients. It also means that you get results that are over the edge. The graphic design that is white label in nature will further solidify the nature of your campaign to ensure that you get the best and the most advanced outcome without much effort. The customer designs and images created for different campaigns will ensure that you get results that are far superior to traditional email campaigns. 

Video Creation: The opening rate or the CTR of such emails is 96% higher than the ones that do not have the videos embedded so it says it all. Video creation is burgeoning so our service makes it too easy for you to capture your part of the market soonest possible.

Review Generation: It gives a boost to the email reputation of the brand in question. It also means that you get more views for your client which results in increased customer retention and for you a happy client.


There is no need to wait for months or even years to provide software to your clients that would have no chance against the giants in the market. Why should you build a team from scratch? You also don’t want to get diluted in this busy industry just by reselling the software or outsourcing. To avoid all this fuss just search for handy software on the market and add it to your product line. 

In the end, it is all about experimenting and making sure that you get the best product line ready for your clients. It will also boost your marketing campaigns and will also allow you to grow your revenue. Adding the email campaigns into the mix will allow you to foster results that are simply unimaginable. Start Free Trial to the white-label marketing platform to start selling emails (and more)!